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SacredPlay’s Mission

SacredPlay is an experiential education company that specializes in ropes courses, team building and personal growth with a focus on recovery. Read More

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About Us

We believe in experiential education because we believe in the power of play.

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The What and Why of Experiential Education

As an experiential learning company SacredPlay is about discovering, learning and...Read More

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Our Services

We custom create each experience to meet your goals. Read More

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Team Building / Adventure Therapy

Team building and adventure therapy combines communication, empowerment, and decision-making. Read More

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Training & Consulting with Businesses

Every group of professionals has highly unique strengths, deficits and goals. Read More

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Who We Serve

Youth Classrooms and Sports Teams / Treatment Centers / Businesses
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To find out more about a custom training or for a consultation call us at:

310-488-2665 or Click Here


Portable Adventure Experiences

Using a variety of movable props and tools, our facilitators will bring the adventure to you or to one of our indoor partner sites.

Challenge (Ropes) Course Days

SacredPlay will work closely with you to develop a low and/or high ropes course consisting of the appropriate activities for the groups you will be serving, and appropriate for any site.

Ongoing Programming

Some goals are best met through a combination of on-site or off-site programming that takes place over a longer duration, like a semester, a school year or a business quarter.