The cornerstone of every SacredPlay program is that we engage participants in individual and team-oriented games in all realms including Team Building, Character Development, Cooperation, Critical Thinking, Leadership and Group challenge Games that are designed to be safe, meaningful, and fun.

Each program opens and closes with a discussion about the power of a single person or a group. SacredPlay’s facilitators introduce and lead participants throughout the program in games and initiatives that require the group to work individually or together to solve simple problems, evaluate techniques for group effectiveness and to achieve simple goals.

We are the impetus for your success and some of the goals we’ve helped participants achieve include (but are not limited to):


Establishing group norms and creating a positive culture

Developing social and emotional competencies

Inspiring confidence and gaining leadership skills

Strengthening communication and collaboration

Optimizing sports team chemistry and performance

Building trust

Celebrating achievements


Team building and adventure therapy combines communication, empowerment, and decision-making. Participants examine leadership styles of others while developing their own techniques. SacredPlay enables people to better understand motivation, cooperation, and language use. All this can occur indoors or outdoors, using games, trust activities, initiatives and high and low challenge course programming. All are powerful tools, although they may be quite distinct in practice. For example, the healing power of wilderness and the outdoors is well acknowledged, however, we also recognize that team building and adventure therapy can occur effectively without exposure to the outdoors.

Team building and adventure therapy activities are used as the impetus for the development of the individual or group into a functioning and effective performing individual. In the group therapy context, we allow opportunities for group and individual goals to be addressed concurrently. Participants are provided the opportunity to work toward mastery in a variety of areas, such as addressing social or behavioral problems, self-efficacy, problem solving skills, modes of coping, communicating with others, or self-acceptance. The group in a social context is thought to provide an opportunity for development of improved relational skills through shared experience, mutual goal accomplishment, the experience of authentic community, the experience of giving and receiving support, and the opportunity for immediate and ongoing feedback from others.


Low Ropes challenge participants to overcome obstacles and solve problems as a team. They must work together in small groups to achieve goals while learning communication skills, patience, innovative thinking, and problem solving techniques. They may pass through a giant spider web, swing over a bottomless pit in a Nitro crossing, or cross an alligator infested swamp with only 2 planks or a few tiles. The activities utilize success to develop confidence, esteem, leadership, and friendship.


Ropes courses are fun, exciting and teach valuable life long skills. Ropes courses build self-esteem and confidence by helping people to find their personal courage and strengths. Our courses are designed to build skills that build people. Safety is our number one concern. Our facilitators are caring, sensitive, experienced, and qualified in working with many different populations in adventure learning.

Our participant’s benefit by building self-confidence and esteem. Ropes courses help galvanize a group together by providing a shared adventurous experience. Participants build bonds, team cohesion, and leadership skills. One-day team building, low ropes, and high ropes courses are available. High ropes are available at most of our preferred locations to make an unforgettable experience.

Ropes courses can be seen as the ultimate group or individual challenge. Ropes courses are vertical obstacle courses that make extensive use of safety equipment to keep participants from danger. Working with peoples' natural discomfort with heights, but using safety equipment to reduce real risk, participants are faced with a sense of "perceived" risk. These courses give participants a chance to truly test their ability to deal with fear and courage. With the support of their friends, co-workers, and our caring staff, participants work on a series of platforms, cables, and ropes, 30+ feet up, to achieve their goals.


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Portable Adventure Experiences

Using a variety of movable props and tools, our facilitators will bring the adventure to you or to one of our indoor partner sites.

Challenge (Ropes) Course Days

SacredPlay will work closely with you to develop a low and/or high ropes course consisting of the appropriate activities for the groups you will be serving, and appropriate for any site.

Ongoing Programming

Some goals are best met through a combination of on-site or off-site programming that takes place over a longer duration, like a semester, a school year or a business quarter.